An (Alison) Roman feast

I don’t know whether it’s because it was a Friday (and normally I’d have people round on a Saturday) but for this dinner I wanted to make things that people really want to eat. Of course, that would always be the aim, but this just wasn’t the time to try anything new, it was the time for comfort.

When I cook for others, I like to plan, put music on and cook all day, letting things prove or marinade. I write my list early and buy ingredients throughout the week, making anything I can the day before. Not because I feel like you have to but because I love it – to me its joy and more importantly it makes me feel calm.

Last Friday, when lovely Naomi came to our house for dinner, I couldn’t face any of this. I looked through Nothing Fancy the night before and casually bought some bits on the way home. And it was lovely. I knew what I was doing was going to be delicious and I felt any pressure to do anything ambitious dissipate.

The menu was almost entirely Alison Roman, whose recipes are unashamedly satisfying and delicious before anything else.

24th January 2020

Salty, smokey Padron peppers

Lemon and oregano marinated feta

Crispy paprika potatoes with garlic aioli

Caramelised garlic and anchovy bread

Blood orange and bitter leave salad

Roasted sesame kale


Terrible pink gin cream

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